Marketers believe that customized marketing is the future

Based shipping massive and impersonal marketing is a thing of the past. 77% of marketers think that actions based on personalized messages are much more effective than any promotion.

Both companies and agencies agree that the indiscriminate firing of any marketing action aimed at an anonymous and heterogeneous public. An opinion that collects Conversant study, conducted among 200 agencies and marketing professionals.

The results of the study, called “What’s driving marketing in 2014,” reap the benefits of customized marketing actions. Interestingly, there are differences of opinion among these professionals regarding the benefits reporting these actions:

Marketers believe that customized marketing is the future70% of agencies consider providing greater response rate, compared to 56% of marketers. 67% of agencies states that contribute to the increase in sales, with 55% of marketers. These differences are minor when indicate that enhance brand awareness (63% of agencies and 56% of marketers).

Both groups still closer positions when assessing the increased opportunities that the client decided to try the product (45% and 46% respectively).

Instead, the biggest differences are seen when a real increase in the rate of repeat purchase, and the average value of the customer. Only 36% of the agency believes that personalized marketing actions contribute to increase the likelihood of repeat purchase, compared with 60% of marketers. Also, only 28% of the opinion that agencies are able to increase the average profit per customer, while 48% of other marketers bet on it.

Meanwhile, the study also picks up obstacles to carry out such strategies effectively. The main drawback is the high costs involved (64%), along with the complexity of orchestrating actions designed according to the characteristics of (63%) each client. Nor forget to mention the high cost of developing creative actions and quality, which actually cause the desired (45%) impact. Finally, marketers refer the difficulties in measuring the results of their actions (41%).

Looked at closely, all these limitations apply to other marketing strategies.The difference in favor of personalized marketing is that it is able to record better results in terms of direct response rate, which translates into action.Hence marketers match when stating that personalized marketing is the future. A future that we are living in the present, and where new technologies, online tools and processes have much to say.

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