Abracadabra, the word should never be used in marketing and social media

As we illustrated the Wikipedia itself, Abracadabra is a word used in the enchantment and magic of small primitive tribal groups. Although the origin of this word is not very clear, there are multiple theories about it.Some of them, whose stories date back nearly 2,000 years, say this word can cure fever. But beware, your pronunciation us not be confused with that spell of Harry Potter, “Avada Kedavra” in Aramaic is to be translated as “the thing is destroyed.” And why is correlation?

Abracadabra, the word should never be used in marketing and social mediaIt is true that there are certain skills that can help us at certain times in all professions and professional activities. Little tricks of the wisest and experienced that can be the solution to small problems. In marketing and Social media it is exactly the same. However, despite these small “incantations” we can not expect great results as if by magic. Social media strategy needs much more than that. Multiple knowledge, time, planning, hard work and effort, and of course true professionals. Forget gurus-like wizard who only poses and flaunt magic words without evidence of ever having accomplished anything.

Recently, Oscar Del Santo, delighted us with a great article under the title “Social media and the balm of Gilead , ” referring to the legendary balm that promised to cure all ills and known diseases, and taking as a simile to explain how many businesses throw themselves into social networks and social media or media expecting to find them fast for the many problems that afflict them remedy. As we can see, there are no miracle recipes, and in this case it is clear that any magic or sorcery we will not work.

This is something important that we understand and take into account, since they find themselves who offer us apparent miracle cures or magical and divine “spells” that promise to be the panacea for our company.Purchase followers, social profiles management for a small and reduced price management conversations, etc … All you need without having even bother with almost immediate results. Secured Success! Does not it seem like magic?

Social media requires a lot of dedication. So is neither cheap nor can be free. Social Media management may not be worth 500 euros. Efficient management of social media or different marketing activities that we develop are not a mere child’s play. The need for a deep knowledge of the environment, tools, how to interact or communicate, how to respond to potential challenges and problems, analytical skills, etc … A difficult task to be delegated to anyone who does not have a proven experience beyond its mere participation and presence in social networks. At least if what we want is to develop a real management that can report to us the expected results.

Well, I have it clear. To make your media marketing strategy and social work, you will not find miracle solutions or magic spells that can run.Invest in resources, means and qualified personnel, and especially plan long before the goals you want to accomplish before getting down to work and move against too hard wall, but keep in mind that the results will never be immediate and only come as fruit and result of effort and work. Patience is a virtue.

Now you will understand how and why the word “Abracadabra” will not arise any effect to achieve their goals.

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