Constant weight fluctuations may increase heart risk

Thousands of people every day trying to lose weight by going on strict diets or other tools that allow a sudden loss of kilos, but unfortunately, many of those kilos recovered shortly afterwards. These fluctuations constant weight not only discourage and frustrate but also may increase the risk of heart disease.

Constant weight fluctuations may increase heart riskA stable weight: ideal target

Keeping weight over time, with changes of more than two or three kilos more or less would be ideal for health care and feel satisfied with our habits change, however, in most cases this does not happen.

A recent study published in the journal Circulation shows that while overweight in adulthood is associated with increased cardiac risk, changes in constant weight or falls and weight gains cyclically to be linked higher risk of sudden cardiac death and coronary heart disease.

The study was conducted during 11 years of follow – up and evaluated more than 158,000 adult women, therefore, the association was significant being greater the impact of weight fluctuations in women of normal weight.

However, even they are not clear about the reasons why the change could increase the constant weight and coronary heart disease risk.

One explanation for this may be the major metabolic changes that produce the very strict “yo-yo dieting” or favoring sudden weight loss and recovery of lost kilos.

Changes in hormones that regulate hunger, metabolism and adipose tissue can become very difficult to maintain the weight loss and also may be responsible for considerable stress for the whole body that eventually damage the cardio- circulatory system.

We should note that reducing and cyclically increase weight and body mass, also involves constantly changing circulating blood volume and therefore long – term could mean overloading the heart and circulatory system that causes among other things, this increased cardiac risk.

In short, the ideal would be to seek a stable weight over time and unable to achieve this , it is often preferable to retain a slightly higher weight but accompanied by exercise and other healthy habits to submit to a strict diet that causes a sudden drop in weight with subsequent recovery kilos.

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