Life Lessons Learned from Playing Hockey

Since Team GB won gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, hockey has seen more and more people take up the sport. All sports have benefits, but team sport especially can teach life skills which will last a lifetime.

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Playing sport requires a certain level of responsibility. You need to be organised and reliable. Getting to training and fixtures on time and being prepared with the right equipment are all part of respecting your coach and teammates.

Working Together

Team sport encourages team spirit. The world is full of people who all see things differently, and learning to accept differences and work together is as important in sport as it is in business.

Time Management

If you play sport at a high level, this takes commitment. You will likely be training during the week and at weekends, as well as be expected to attend school, college or work and keep up with friends and family. This requires time management skills and planning, all of which are essential life skills.

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Following Instructions

Being part of a sports team requires listening to instructions and taking them on board. A good hockey coach should have the ability to communicate a field hockey drill to players quickly and effectively and for the team to react positively.


Players need to have the ability to communicate with each other on the field. This can be done both verbally and through body language and eye contact. Understanding what your team mate is thinking is a huge asset in any team sport.

Companies such as offer training drills, including communication skills for beginner and elite players.

Supporting Each Other

Being able to support your teammates and respect and understand their feelings will help build team spirit and respect. Not blaming each other when things go wrong and learning from mistakes are all part of sport.

Great Britain’s Shona McCallin knows all too well the importance of having a supportive team. She suffered severe concussion over a year ago and has only just been able to return to the sport.

Be Honest

Any good athlete will always want to improve and have the ability to be honest about their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing yourself and acknowledging your personality traits can help you in all walks of life.


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