Be a fire-stopper!

If you are a business owner or person responsible for fire safety in your building then you will understand the requirements of a regular fire assessment risk. It is very difficult to give general guidance as every building is different and has it’s own function so it is a good idea to have a professional opinion. For fire risk assessment Gloucester, visit .

General tips for any kind of building include the following:

There must be a fire detection and warning system as a minimum

A way of fighting small fires with multi-purpose fire extinguishers with one at least for each floor.

Suitable fire exit doors that can be opened without a key or in any special way

The distance that people should have to travel to exit the building must be as short as possible.

Stairways and corridors must be kept clear of obstructions and materials that are flammable.

Be a fire-stopper

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If you should discover a fire in your home then there are some ways in which you can increase your chance of survival if you cannot immediately exit the property. All occupants of the house should gather in one room with the door closed and something placed along the bottom of the door (bedding, clothing or towels).

Turn on the lights as this will help you to be seen better from the outside for the rescue services. Open a window to let smoke out and fresh air in and shout ‘Fire!’ Do not jump unless things become so bad that it is the only option. If that happens, then lower yourself to arms length and drop and opposed to jumping. You can throw down some bedding or clothes first to soften the landing but do not throw a mattress as it will get stuck in the window and prevent your escape. If you have children then they must be lowered first and lowered by the waist and not the hands as they will be too scared to let go.  In the event of clothes catching fire, then stop, drop and roll. Cover your face with your hands and roll until you have smothered the flames.

A plan is crucial so get used to talking about it with family members. Check smoke alarms regularly and apply the same seriousness to your home as you would in an office block, by making sure exits are easily accessible, easy to open and not blocked.

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