Do they hypertrophied in the same degree the abs than other muscle groups?

Looking at a marked and well defined six pack is one of the most common and desired goals, but do they respond in the same way, hypertrophically speaking, as the rest of muscle groups before a training of volume and intensity?

There are many people who, in order to achieve this, train without stopping the abdominal walls during their workouts without achieving, on many occasions, the desired goals. Do they hypertrophied the abdominals similarly to other muscle groups?

We have already talked sometimes about the effectiveness of abdominal exercises on abdominal fat and the “limited” effect that we obtain only through abdominal work (study). Why is this happening?

Due to the type of muscles that form our abdominal wall, it is very probable that, before a training of equal intensity, our abs will not reach the same degree of hypertrophy as the other muscles, for example that of a biceps.

The abdominal muscles work in a stabilizing way of the body in a practically continuous way, in almost all type of exercises, which in many cases concludes in an overtraining if we work them isolated too often.

By this we mean that, it is not necessary to train our abdominal muscles daily, or too often, for optimal results. By training the abdominal walls with the same frequency as other muscle groups (and accompanying a good feeding routine) we will lose abdominal fat and observe a hypertrophic response, even if it does not reach as high a level as other muscle groups.

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