Heat wave alert! 5 ways to hydrate if you’re not a fan of water

A good hydration is a key factor not only of summer, but of our day to day. They usually recommend eating an average of 2 liters of water per day, however, we are aware that it is not always easy to drink water without more, so we propose 5 alternatives to water without more, with which to reach that optimum level of water. hydration, especially for these days when we are in full heat wave.


They are an ideal way to drink water without finding out. The variety is atan wide that surely you find one that you love and that you always have at hand. Of course, a good recommendation is green tea whose properties range from being rich in antioxidants, to stimulating the metabolism or helping to lose weight . So you know, it’s time to switch to infusions ****, which, with a little ice, are ideal to refresh and hydrate.


Another great source of water are fruits like those in season, those more fresh watermelon composition is mostly water and helps keep us hydrated, but there are many others such as melon, peach … Juices , as well as smoothies , Of course, they are also a good source of hydration if we like to drink more, but you know that it is always advisable to drink the whole fruit.


Yes, vegetable creams are a great source of water and, of course, the summer star cream such as gazpacho , to which we can also add salmorejo or similar. Rich, rich, that can serve us to hydrate and as starters are ideal (besides being able to control the excesses of summer).


Here it would include the waters with “incentives” , that is, those to which we add natural flavorings that range from lemon, cucumber, strawberry … That give it flavor and it is a pleasure to drink. Another good alternative are the lemonades, so delicious and fresh, whose preparation is very easy .


Yes, coffee also helps us to hydrate and, given that recent studies indicate that taking three coffees a day is beneficial, we can also use them as a source of water and if we add some ice, better than better.

So you know, the alternatives are as varied and appetizing, so in these days of so much heat, take your hand of your bottle of water or any of its variants. Yes, what we should not do is change the water for alcoholic beverages, that is, a beer calms thirst at the time, but alcohol dehydrates so it is not recommended.

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