The seven foods that a nutritionist would eliminate from your diet if you want to lose weight

To achieve an effective and healthy weight loss is important to make some adjustments to our diet and is always better by the hand of a professional. Although we can achieve a lot by regulating quantities, there are ingredients that do not contribute anything good to the organism nor are they necessary for its functioning. Therefore, these are the seven foods that a nutritionist would eliminate from your diet if you want to lose weight …

Table sugar

It is the perfect example that some foods only contribute calories without good nutrients to the diet, therefore, table sugar is the first thing I recommend replacing in the diet of my patients when they seek to lose weight.

It is a source of simple hydrates, without vitamins or minerals, it does not satiate and it only contributes calories that accompany the sweet taste that it gives to our dishes. Therefore, when losing weight it is always advisable to eliminate its use, especially if you are a high consumer of table sugar.

In replacement, we can choose stevia, artificial sweeteners or honey, which has antioxidants, minerals and greater sweetening power so we will use it in a smaller proportion than refined sugar.

Sugary drinks

It is one of the main sources of sugar and just as table sugar is a source of empty calories, that is, it provides energy without good nutrients for the body with the aggravation of having substances such as caffeine that enhance the addictive power of sugars.

Because of this and because they do not satisfy then we can drink large amounts of calories without realizing it, it is best to replace sugary drinks with water, flavored water with natural juices or similar but without added sugars.

Cold cuts and sausages

Fresh meats always take place on a diet to lose weight, as long as it is not vegetarian. However, cold meats and sausages are no longer food but products due to their industrial processing and therefore have more sodium, hide sugars and can be concentrated in fat, calories and additives that harm health.

For example, processed meats have been linked to a higher risk of cancer as well as metabolic problems, so if we want to lose weight by taking care of our health, it will be important to reduce it as much as possible in the daily diet.

In his replacement we can choose fresh and lean meats already cooked as for example: sirloin of veal, chicken breast or turkey, among others.

Potato chips

Although no frying is recommended when we seek to lose weight given the large amount of fat and calories absorbed by food during this cooking method, we can make an exception to well-controlled and occasional homemade frying, that is, with a low frequency of consumption.

However, bag fries have a true addictive component determined by the combination of refined flours, salt and fat as well as their crunchy texture.

As if that were not enough they are concentrated in calories and do not provide good nutrients to the body , so if we want to lose weight by achieving a good control of what is ingested and improving the nutritional quality of the diet, chips and other commercial snacks should be avoided.

Industrial bakery

Industrial bakery products are rich in added sugars, refined flours and trans fats, all components that harm health, can promote weight gain and storage of fat in the body, therefore, its reduction is essential to the maximum possible when we seek to lose weight.

In addition, industrial buns are among the most addictive foods we can consume and if we want to lose weight, nothing better than being able to control the amount and frequency of what is ingested.

In its replacement we can choose homemade cookies without added sugars , fresh or toasted wholemeal bread or other homemade alternatives as opposed to industrial, since all ultraprocesses leave much to be desired in terms of nutritional quality.

Alcoholic drinks

The Alcohol, like sugar, is another source of empty calories, no good nutrients for the body, with addictive and harmful effects even when ingested in small quantities.

In addition, their calories prevent the use of fats as an energy source , something that we intend to achieve when we seek to lose weight and that alcohol consumption can easily prevent.

On the other hand, it could also stimulate the appetite and far from helping us, hinder the loss of weight.

Dishes ready to consume

Whether dishes that we can buy in any fast-food or those frozen and ready to put in the microwave, we must always avoid its consumption, because it is products filled with additives, sodium, fats and hidden sugars in which we can not easily identify food.

Therefore, its quality leaves much to be desired, we will have little amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals as it characterizes the ultraprocessed and this will be associated with a diet of poor quality and not at all favorable when we seek to lose weight.

Only frozen vegetables will be suitable in our diet to lose weight, since they are not eaten foods or prepared dishes ready to consume that in no way will favor a successful thinning.

If you want to lose weight, you should not only increase the consumption of foods of good nutritional quality, but also avoid these seven foods that every nutritionist would recommend eliminating from the diet .

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