Common Electrical Hazards in the Home

Using electrical equipment is part and parcel of daily life. However, although using electricals is something we all do, we still need to be aware of electrical safety in the home and think about the hazards that come with using electronics and how we can reduce the risks.

From electric shocks to house fires, electrical faults can be deadly and devastating. If you are ever unsure about the electrics in your home, always get a professional like this electrician Gloucester based company to come and take a look for you, don’t attempt to do things yourself when you are not a fully qualified electrician.

Here are some of the most common home electrical hazards to be aware of…

Wiring Faults – This is something that mainly is seen in older properties. As building standards and safety regulations have improved, more modern properties are not as likely to have wiring faults, in addition to this, older wiring has of course been around longer so could also have simply reached the end of its natural life.

If you live in an older property and have never had the wiring checked it is sensible to do so.

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Damp – It is well known that water and electricity is a bad combination and is extremely dangerous. If you have damp in the home, or have a home that has been flooded in the past, then it is essential that you also get your electrics checked, in case water has got in.

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Overloaded Circuits – If you want to plug lots of things into the same place at once, it is tempting to use multiple extension cables. However, this is very dangerous and should not be done, as it can cause the circuit to overload and cause a fire.

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