Make your Money and your Central Heating go Further this Winter

Most of us in the UK have probably now switched on our central heating for the next few months! Heating our homes can be expensive, but it is necessary in order to keep us warm and cosy. If you want to look after the pennies this year but also keep your home warm, here are a few things that you can do…

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If your boiler is old and having problems, it may be costing you more money than you need to spend. Before winter fully sets in it is a good idea to have a boiler like this replaced by a professional such as this boiler installation Gloucester based company HPR Services. A more modern boiler could save you a fortune, as well as being safer and more reliable!


Home furnishings make a big difference – there are good ways to make the most of your central heating. For example if your sofa is up against the radiator, move it out of the way so the heat can get into the room, and buy a pair of thermal curtains to really keep the heat in on cold days.

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Draughty rooms are one of the worst things for keeping in heat – there are lots of ways that you can seal windows to prevent draughts as well as making sure that you have draught excluders on the floor to make sure that you aren’t losing any heat from the gaps underneath the doors.

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