Most people will have heard on the news or even had a personal experience of a Scam, Fraud, or even Money Laundering!  Hardened criminals are targeting individuals, small businesses and even sometimes corporate companies in an attempt to con them out of their hard earned money.  There have been many heart-breaking stories in the Press of individuals losing all their life savings and small businesses going bankrupt due to these scams.  Using Email, text messages, Whatsapp and direct phone calls, these Career Criminals will stop at nothing and resort to all sorts of devious tactics to con their innocent victims out of money.

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In order to stop these professional criminals you have to be smart and savvy, think outside of the box and use futuristic technology against them, specialist companies such as use their smart searches to undertake a thorough AML ID VERIFICATION check on any potential business partner or individual. This involves personal and company Credit checks, addresses and premises looked into, and any past business dealings searched.  These exhaustive searches will give you complete Peace of Mind that any company you are looking to work with is legitimate.

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The cost to an individual or business if they are targeted by these thoughtless criminals can be immense, it’s not just the money that is taken but the mental anguish of losing everything can be devastating!  Don’t be their next Victim, invest in a professional company that can use these checks properly and protect yourself and your business.


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