Send a greeting card for these reasons

If you want to lend some support to a friend, tell your family you are thinking of them or simply share some good tidings, there is no reason to wait until Christmas or for a birthday.

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You can embrace the spirit of Victorian England and send a greeting card for absolutely any reason – or for no reason at all!

Commiserating a job loss

If someone has been let go or laid off, they are probably feeling pretty low; however, you can let them know you are thinking of them with a greeting card. A few words of support will go a long way and they won’t feel so alone.

Proving you don’t hold a grudge

If someone has spilt red wine on your new white rug, borrowed a jacket and torn it or simply forgotten a dinner date or birthday, you can always send a tongue-in-cheek card that lets them know they are forgiven and you won’t hold their actions against them.

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Good luck for a household move

Moving to a new house such Park Homes Gloucestershire way like can be one of the most stressful experiences ever – unless you are using the services of a Slough man and van or another reputable mover, of course. That being said, it is still nice to let the people who are moving know you are thinking of them. If you can’t help with the packing, send a card instead!

Thinking of you after a bereavement

When someone dies, there is an immediate focus on those left behind; however, all the condolences, food and assistance dry up after a few weeks and the bereaved are left to get on with their lives. A card that says you are thinking of them a while after a death has occurred is a great support and makes those left behind feel less forgotten.

Happy unbirthday

If you know someone who loves or loathes celebrating their birthday, you can have a bit of fun. Send them a cheery card wishing them a happy unbirthday, or for their half-way birthday, or for the months in between. This will hopefully get a laugh!

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