A winter inspired wedding bouquet

There is something about the beauty of a winter wedding, The crisp outside environment against the beauty white wedding dress and the bouquet and table decorations. If you are planning a winter wedding, you can go all out with the colours that you use and opt for deeper vibrant shades that you may not otherwise have chosen, and accents of gold and silver are almost a must. A good florist like http://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ who are a Gloucestershire Florist, will be able to produce you some beautiful centrepieces, buttons holes and bouquet that can fit any style whether you are looking for elegance or opulence.

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When looking at bouquets you can either match the icy colours of the season or perhaps contrast against them. This may mean opting for softer blue and silver colours or choosing vivid red roses and cinnamon brown colours instead. There is something incredibly beautiful about the strong red colour of some beautiful roses against the crisp white colour of a wedding dress with the winter scenery in the background in your wedding photos. As we have already mentioned metallic colours such as coppers, golds and silvers work incredibly well in winter themed flower designs and these can be achieved by spraying some of the foliage that is to be included in your floral arrangements.

If you want something a bit more classical you can still opt for the pale pinks with white and ivory flowers alongside, but you may want to get some small pinecones or small accents of cinnamon brown colours alongside these.

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The added benefit of having a winter inspired bouquet and table decorations is that you can really embrace all that foliage has to offer and you can create teardrop style bouquets with flowing branches of ivy and larger displays of flowers at the venue and on your tables that equally give a rustic autumn, winter feel. These foliage stems can be displayed in their natural or form or you may wish to include some dried flowers in the arrangement or as we mentioned about perhaps spray some of the pieces that you are including in metallic spray pain to really give your designs an elegant but opulent feel.

Whatever design you choose it is always best to consult with your florists as they will know which flowers go best with one another and also which options to select for your chosen theme and the time of year.

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