Advice for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Many Second Amendment supporters will obtain a concealed carry permit so they can carry a firearm with them regularly. The most common argument in favor of carrying a concealed firearm is for self-defense. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering concealed carry.

Go Small

For concealed carrying, you’ll need a smaller firearm. While some pistols have been designed to be basically as small as possible — such as the infamous Derringer — some guns are only a bit smaller than others. For example, you can find a Glock 9mm in various dimensions, which means some may fit your needs better than others, even though the caliber remains the same. Your pistol will need to be something you can reasonably carry in various circumstances.

Get a Permit

Just like other constitutional rights, the Second Amendment does include certain limitations. Laws will vary by state, so make sure to research your state’s laws regarding obtaining a permit. Some states do not require permits to carry a concealed weapon, but most do. Your local Attorney General’s office can help you understand your state’s permit requirements. Many people and organizations offer concealed carry classes, so it’s likely not difficult to find one near you.

Take it Seriously

Carrying a concealed weapon is a serious responsibility. Make sure you are always in control of your weapon and understand its ins and outs — the purpose is to provide more safety, so don’t defeat the purpose by acting in ignorance. Be sure to learn all you can about your weapon and applicable laws.

By understanding how to properly concealed carry, you can obtain a sense of security for yourself and others. Make sure to do your research about the laws, safety and which weapon would work best for you. The right to bear arms is not only a constitutional amendment, but there’s also a robust culture surrounding it. You can learn more by reaching out to others who have chosen to concealed carry.

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