Looking for a garden makeover

Want to spruce up your back garden this summer? It’s easier than you think and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. After you’ve dusted off the patio furniture, why not add a touch of colour and opt for bright colourful accents to liven up dull outdoor furniture? Cushions and other accessories in bold reds, oranges or greens along with modern prints, stripes or florals will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to your garden.

If your space is large enough, try to imagine it as a room and configure the furniture to reflect an intimate gathering space with entertaining in mind. Surround a table with a wicker sofa and chairs, with a freestanding umbrella for creating a private but perfectly social area.

A few items picked up cheaply from a garden centre or even charity shop will give a new look to your space. For example, potted plants, small outdoor ornaments, hanging Chinese lanterns and old crates can all be turned into something decorative to make your garden more interesting. If you really want to splash out, you could consider a special ornament or sculpture for creating an impressive centrepiece. For corten metal garden sculptures, visit http://www.afsculpture.uk/scuplture-portfolio/corten-metal-sculptures.

Looking for a garden makeover

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If you’re looking to create an area for lounging and maybe catching up on reading this summer then place the focus around a sofa. A traditional rattan couch is perfect when decorated with plush pillows in bright colours. Around the couch, hanging some glass lanterns or even just fairy lights will make a gorgeous area for relaxing and means you’ll be able to remain out in the warm evening air even after dark.

When you’re working with restricted space, it might seem like there’s not a lot you can do but even the smallest of spaces can be brought to life. Try rejuvenating a corner with a brightly coloured bistro table and 2 chairs. Decorate with hanging plants or one on the table, with coloured glass bottles and even some graphic art on the wall behind. All of a sudden, you have a corner tropical paradise created with little effort.

For those feeling a little more indulgent, what is nicer then heading over to a large, soft swinging seat? Lie back and relax or grab a coffee and catch up with friends, a good swinging seat set is a great investment. Plump it up with extra cushions and let the summer breeze wash over you.

Looking for a garden makeover2

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If your garden is a bit of a sun trap and you avoid it due to a lack of shade then you might want to consider creating your own awning. Using a white fabric canopy, find a suitable place to attach ties and you’ll have transformed the area. Under the canopy, have seating options around a table and you’ll be able to enjoy an area of your garden that you haven’t been able to use before.

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