Why are more men wearing makeup?

You may think that wearing makeup is the prerogative of women, but this is not the case. Makeup is worn by all performers on stage, on screen and in show business, as lighting can mean that the face is not presented in the best way and can look too pale; in addition, makeup is increasingly being worn by men in their day to day lives.

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A brief history of cosmetics

Makeup in everyday life for men is on the increase. This is nothing new – if we trawl back through history, Egyptian, Greek and Roman men all adorned their faces.

Why is history repeating itself?

We live our lives online and are much more aware of how we present ourselves to others. It is not only about how you look or how your skin feels but also how you look in photographs and on social media. YouTube male makeup celebrities such as James Charles and Patrick Starr have millions of subscribers and have helped to combat some of the stereotypical views.

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Also, consider how much more open society is about talking about sexuality and gender identity. Gay men have been at the forefront of breaking down the prejudice about men buying more cosmetics and skincare products; however, men of all persuasions are now convinced that the use of these products is of real benefit to them. Some even believe that there should not be separate cosmetics for men, preferring to use traditional women’s cosmetics.

Brands such as Benefit makeup have a great range of products, including blushers, lipsticks, mascaras, concealers and foundations. These are available both on the high street and from online retailers such as https://www.carapharmacy.com/en/Benefit/b-743.aspx.

Views on whether men need a separate range of products are diverse. It cannot be denied that facial hair makes a difference and there are many products available for beards and moustaches. Making up the face is partly about moisturising the skin and keeping it in tip-top condition and partly about presenting a new look and introducing colour, such as in the form of eyeshadow and blusher. Some men feel they need to improve their skin colour to avoid looking too pale.

It is undeniable that some popular reality TV shows have helped to reinforce the idea that men need to think about their grooming and appearance just as much as women.

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