An Open Scanning System

If you’re concerned about being inside an enclosed tube while having an MRI scan done, then consider an open MRI scanner that is being used at numerous hospitals and imaging centers across the country. The results are the same, but you aren’t confined in a space where it feels like you’re unable to move and where you feel as though you might have trouble breathing. There are several benefits to the open design for both children and adults.

Sometimes, children are afraid of loud noises and machines. An MRI is something that would likely frighten a young child. With the open design, there is a machine that moves over the table, but there is also room for someone to lay on the table with the child to provide comfort through the scan. This could be a parent or a nurse depending on the situation. Having someone be there with the child makes it easier to get the scan done quickly and without using any kind of sedative as is often the case when the enclosed design is used with children.

Elderly individuals will find that it’s easier to get onto the table while having plenty of room to lay compared to the enclosed machine. This is beneficial for elderly patients who might have trouble moving around or who have issues with the joints that don’t allow them to be in a small area for long periods of time.

An Open Scanning System

Obese patients will also find that it’s easier to lay on the table as they will have plenty of room for the machine to circle over the table. This can help doctors determine what is wrong with obese patients where a traditional machine doesn’t usually allow for patients over a certain weight to be scanned safely. The open machine is also beneficial for those who are claustrophobic. These are people who could have a panic attack if they are in enclosed spaces, which doesn’t pose a safe setting for an MRI scan. Orthopedic patients also see a benefit from this design as some equipment can’t fit inside the traditional machine. The patients might not be able to bend an extremity in the proper manner to get inside the tube.

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