Have a tricked out truck

So you have a truck but you don’t want it to look like everyone else’s. What can you do to make your truck unique? Apparently you can ‘trick out’ your truck and put your style stamp firmly on the road. You can get anything from custom rims or a new sound system and there are a number of ways to do this without breaking the bank.

Why not get a custom paint job? If you have the money for it then this is by far the most impressive way to trick out your truck. A fresh and unique coat of paint will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yours from all the other trucks on the road. If you’re looking for an economy change then you can install self-adhesive flames, stripes or any other design your heart desires.

LED lighting is another statement option so why not create some dramatic lighting effects in the cabin with some in-car LED designs. LED accents are available in a whole range of colours and varying degrees of brightness and are small enough for you to install them just about anywhere you want to.

What about a whole new truck sound system for some seriously cool easy riding? This is fairly straightforward to do if you have plenty of space and you’re not carrying heavy loads. If you’ve got some pennies to spare then go all out and have a boombox on wheels!

Have a tricked out truck

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Mudflaps and stickers are a fairly low cost option to jazz things up a bit. If you have a favourite band or logo then it’s easy to add decals that show off your preferences on your mudflaps. This is a cheap way of customizing your truck and can easily be removed if your tastes change.

On board cameras are another addition that you can easily make to improve your overall driving experience. In dash computers are also available. You can even install a fully functional tablet with mobile Wifi – just don’t use while you’re driving. For a Truck Camera, visit http://www.backwatch.co.uk/.

Protecting the bed of your truck also makes sense to save it from rusting caused by the elements. Adding a high quality protective bed liner will also add value to your truck. Floor liners can also be picked up at fairly low cost. Typically made from rubber or plastic, these will give your interior all-weather protection and can feature high outer walls to protect from water, spills, mud and dirt damaging your carpet.

Step bars serve the dual purpose of improving the way your truck looks and being a practical aid to climbing into a lofty cab. They provide sure footing for most weather conditions and even if you don’t need them for weather or height, they will still make your truck look awesome.

Of course, the ultimate addition for any tricked out truck has got to be a pair of fuzzy dice and a tree air freshener! I’m kidding of course, but why not?

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