Jobs that UK politicians have gone on to after working in politics

Politics many politicians experience the highs and lows of political life.  Election disappointment or joy at success is one of the many things that they experience.  Some politicians will spend the entire time in opposition, others may well rise to the front benches or remain as a back  bencher. When the time comes to leave the House of Commons where do they go next?  Here are some of the most famous examples.

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  • Alastair Campbell.  One of Labour’s most prominent figures Campbell was a leading advisor to Tony Blair.  After leaving the party he returned to journalism and is currently the political editor in chief of the European.  Read his contributions at
  • David Cameron.  Cameron was prime minister up until 2016 when he resigned from the position following the success of  Vote Leave following the Brexit referendum.  He moved on to become an advisor in financial technology and also a non-executive director of a cyber security company.  His charitable work includes the president of Alzheimer Research UK.

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  • Ed Balls.  Once the shadow chances are Ed Balls has chosen a career in media and entertainment.  His most famous introduction to this was the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing program where he was an  entrant.  He has also hosted his own radio show.
  • Nick Clegg.  The Deputy Prime Minister along with Cameron for a time, Clegg has also moved into technology.  He works as the vice president of global affairs and communications at the giant Facebook corporation.

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