Planning a Staycation on a Budget

There are times when planning a vacation in a far away place is just not in the budget.  When you finish crunching the numbers for fuel and lodging costs there may be little left for food and entertainment.  This is perhaps one of the many reasons why staycations have become so popular.  Planning to hang out in your own city in vacation mode has never been more affordable and fun.

Staycations are Budget Friendly

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects about staycations is that they require a lot less money than your typical vacation away from home.  Typically, your greatest expense will be spent on the in town hotel that you book and perhaps food.  The idea behind these stay in your city vacations is to take advantage of as many resources that are already present and available.  For example, the hotel will more than likely offer free cable and movie channels, as well as a continental breakfast.  Let’s not forget about the pool as well.  Furthermore, hotels usually provide a whole host of other amenities that guests can take advantage of.

Staycations Maximize Your Time

No time is wasted traveling the highways or boarding planes.  You reach your destination by simply driving across town to the hotel.  This gives you more time to enjoy your vacation.  The time that you gain by cutting out travel is invaluable,  Your vacation can start in minutes as opposed to hours.

Staycations Allow You to Utilize What’s Available

Perhaps, one of the most valuable benefits of a staycation is the focus on taking advantage of what’s conveniently available.  The hotel grants its guests access to many amenities and there are generally fun things to do in the immediate vicinity.  Staycations create a perfect situation to fully enjoy an in-city vacation.  If your boat’s in need of attwood replacement parts, leave the boat at home and do what’s easy and available.

If funds are low but you still need a vacation, consider a staycation.  This budget-friendly vacation will help you to jump right into your vacation, maximize your time, and take advantage of built-in convenient amenities.

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