Planning Your Perfect Summer Wedding in Somerset

Warm weather and gorgeous English countryside are a potent combination for creating a special environment for celebrating, so it’s little wonder that summer is the hot season for temperatures, and for weddings too.

Planning Your Perfect Summer Wedding in Somerset

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However, like most important occasions in life, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure a successful event.

Guests Need to Be Comfortable

A reception venue that offers indoor and outdoor spaces is usually a good choice. Then, no matter how your guests are feeling, they can choose an environment that suits them. Some may want to be out in the sun, others may be desperate for shade or even air-conditioning.

The Weather May Not Always Co-Operate

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the weather is predictable. You will need cover in case of rain, and you could consider hiring air-conditioning units,in case there is a heatwave. Combine a tent and a broiling day, and you will have a bunch of grumpy, sweaty people.

Dress Fashionably, but Sensibly

A wedding is a wonderful occasion to dress up and show off some tanned skin, though as The Guardian reports, no one should overdo it and take too much attention away from the bride. As the weather can be changeable, women should bring a wrap of some kind, and beware of stiletto heels sinking into grass.

Not Too Far from Civilisation

The idea of getting married in the depths of a forest is a romantic one, but the practicalities of getting everything you need to some remote location can be exhausting. A reception in a country town can provide a relaxed atmosphere with modern convenience. Among the list of possibilities, you could consider venue hire in Taunton, a vibrant county centre that features all the amenities anyone could need combined with picturesque small town charm. There are plenty of charming options here, such as among others.

Think Ahead

If you expect guests to wait in the sun it is probably a good idea to provide seating, and even sunblock. Maybe sure waiting staff circulate with iced water. The menu too should have a summer focus – you may do the choosing with a catering company months before, but remember that on a summer day, guests will probably not feel like eating something heavy like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

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