Simple improvements to increase a property’s desirability

If you want to rent out or sell your property, there are a few inexpensive ways to make it more attractive to potential tenants or buyers. The nicer your property, the longer the tenants are likely to stay, so firstly give it a lick of paint.

A freshly painted property will not only look pleasing to the eye but will give it a feeling of cleanliness. This in itself is a bit of an issue too; make sure your property is spotlessly clean, even if you have to hire a professional cleaning agency. If you have carpets and curtains, these should be cleaned and freshened up also.

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The most important rooms in any house are the kitchen and bathroom. If you have an up to date, modern kitchen and bathroom you will have no problem letting your property. Otherwise neutral coloured units and suites are fairly inexpensive, alternatively, you could sand down and repaint the kitchen units, adding new worktops and door knobs. If the budget allows, for the kitchen, insert a self-cleaning oven and for the bathroom, a power shower. Replace bathroom toilet and sink if necessary as these are not too expensive.


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If you have carpets make sure they are not worn out as this will put off potential tenants. Carpets can be replaced in bedrooms and on stairs and laminate flooring is popular for busier rooms like the lounge. The kitchen and bathrooms should have floor tiles or lino.


Depending on the age of the property, check that the plumbing system is up to date, water valves, washing machine supply and drain lines are not wornas it is cheaper to change now than have water damage at a later date. With the electrics and gas, make sure the cooker and heaters are connected properly and signed off by a registered electrician.


Fitting broadband and integrating the cost into the rental price improves your chances of getting tenants as this is an item families cannot live without.

Any property management firm offering property management in Dublin, such as will have a number of desirable properties available for rental.

To complete your makeover, don’t forget the outside of the property. Tidy gardens, don’t leave rubbish lying around, clean windows and tidy paintwork, and a couple of hanging baskets will give your property kerb appeal.

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