The public house is always changing

All of us have fond memories of summer afternoons spent outside country pubs with a pack of crisps, a drink of your choice or one of those traditional basket-style meals from our childhood. What you remember depends on your age.

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Growing up in the 80s, I remember the pub as a place full of mystery and intrigue. Adults would enter through the smoky door and either disappear for a while, or reappear with drinks and crisps in hand. They then returned to the garden to watch the children play on the playground. The soft drinks were not up to the standard of today’s variety. In part, this is because of the rise of companies that provide superior quality post-mix juices. To invest in your pub, think about Finance For Pubs and visit

Over the years, pubs have changed and adapted to our needs as a community. The smoking ban in public places was a major change. Pubs created outdoor smoking areas to retain customers who liked to smoke. Next, pubs and restaurants began to focus on creating a more family-friendly environment. This led to the rise of chain-style pub/restaurants such as Brewers fayre or Table Table. These places offer a combination of the atmosphere of a restaurant and the traditional bar for people who want to stop in after work or for a weekend afternoon drink. You can enjoy the best of both food and relaxation with your family, and also a drink of your choosing.

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Public houses will be around for a very long time, especially because they adapt quickly to the changes in society as well as to the needs and wants of their customers. It will be fascinating to see the future trends in pubs and restaurants.

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