Courier options when sending a parcel

When it comes to sending a parcel, either as a one off or as a part of your business there are a number of different courier services that you can use.  The one that you choose will depend very much on the type of item that you are sending, its size and weight, your budget as well as the destination and time frame that the item is needed in.

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Here are some courier services that you might like to look at.

Standard delivery – this service is usually used for parcels not exceeding 50 kg in weight and is preferable for small to medium packages. The price can certainly vary based on size and weight, but this is also the most cost-effective service. If your package’s weight exceeds the limitation, then you will have to pay extra or either look for a freight service. A set delivery date can not be assured for this service, so it is better for people who do not need a rushed delivery.

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Same day delivery – sometimes called an express service this is where urgent parcel deliveries including documents and medical supplies are shipped on the same day that they need to be delivered. It is one of the quickest ways to get your item delivered and you can find Same Day Courier Camberley companies such as UKTDL who can help out with your needs.

Overnight – this is where items are picked up and then delivered the following day. This is often used for last minutes deliveries and those that need to travel long distances across the country.

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