The wonderful world of glass

Glass is all around use. We use it in everyday items such as the cups we drink from, the spectacles we use to see and in construction items such as our windows and Glass balustrade that are used on balcony areas. It is used across almost all industries in the world today.

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But do you know about the wonderful world of glass?

Glass was in fact first developed, in its earliest forms in around 12,000 BC where examples of Egyptian glass beads have been discovered. One of the reasons why we often find examples of glass from the past is that it is thought that it could take over a million years for a single piece of glass to fully decompose. It is for this reason that we recycle our glass items over and over again. Glass is essentially lots of tiny grains of sand that are melted together at incredibly high temperatures and then cooled and formed into the required shapes.

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Glass became an affordable way for people back in the 17th century to help keep the heat within their homes as well as keep germs and diseases on the outside of their properties. It is thought that this was one simple step that helped to increase the life expectancy of many.

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