Tips for building a great female-first brand

In the last few years, there’s been a slow change in female-first brands, and certain brands are stepping up and speaking to women in a way that makes sense. Messaging in areas such as women’s health and the shaving industry has evolved to include brands that show actual body hair, and brands are looking to keep the female front and centre in a way they want and understand. Here is some key advice to remember if you’re looking to build a great female first brand.

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Remove the stigma

There’s been a stigma around certain women’s areas for years, and one of the key ways to create a great female-first brand is to normalise conversations about such topics as female body hair and to inspire women worldwide to embrace their femininity in whatever guise.

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Celebrate the real woman

We’ve all seen beautifully polished marketing showing women that we don’t necessarily relate to. Using real women helps a brand to celebrate diversity and end the misrepresentation of women in media and advertising.

Understand your customer

To create a successful brand, you need to invest time into gaining a full understanding of your customer, your competition and the general landscape around your marketing. You need to know what the women you are selling to truly want. Working with a local Cheltenham branding agency, such as, means you can work with experts to gain a real knowledge of how best to develop your female-first brand.

Think like the customer

There’s one simple question you need to ask yourself when creating a product or brand: what would you think as the consumer? Take yourself out of the marketing mind and look as a customer to see if your product or idea would really appeal and speak to you. According to Design Week, when using female razor brands as examples, everything from the name to the typography to looking at tax implications for women’s products can set your female-first brand apart as a real success.

In launching a female-first brand, you have the opportunity to be part of changing the conversation and adding a different point of view to male-saturated markets. Take it, run with it and make sure you’re working with – and for – real women.


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