What does your favourite colour say about you?

Everybody has a favourite colour and whilst many place no real significance on their preference, the colour they choose can reveal a lot about the person. If you find that you prefer to decorate your home, that you find from a Letting Agents Gloucester way, in certain colours you may find that you have a psychological preference for that colour.  Here’s what your favourite colour says about you.

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Possibly the colour that gets the most attention, red is the preferred colour for those who live life to the fullest. Those who like red also tend to be incredibly determined and won’t let simple things stop them from achieving their goal.


Some of the most loyal people consider green to be their favourite colour. They are also affectionate yet are more aware of how they are perceived by others.


This colour usually represents those who are artistic yet do not like to share information about themselves. It’s also the number one choice of colour for cars, in part due to the sense of security that black gives us.


Whilst those who count purple as their favourite colour tend to be some of the most unique, they also have the ability to be arrogant. However, lovers of purple also show a great deal of respect to people and can be highly artistic.

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Not one of the most obvious favourites, those who like brown are said to be some of the most reliable and dependable friends. Stability is more important over the need for flashy and expensive items.


The colour yellow is synonymous with happiness so it’s no wonder that those who prefer yellow are often referred to as rays of sunshine. It’s a great colour to add into any form of advertisement or marketing due to its sunny traits, to help brighten the recipient’s day.


If you are reliable, sensitive and conscientious to others feelings, it’s likely that blue is your favourite colour. Keeping things clean, tidy and harmonious are just some of your priorities whilst stability sits at the top of that list.


It makes sense that those who prefer white as their favourite colour are very logical and don’t see the need for clutter. Over everything, their organisational skills are what sets them apart from the rest.

So what does your favourite colour say about you?


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