Why Wedding Photography Is Something You Don’t Want To Scrimp On

When you first start planning your wedding, you might have friends who try to persuade you to save money on your photographer and have guests take the photos. We are all so used to having our picture taken these days. The cameras in our smartphones are often better than the digital camera we might have and certainly more practical – we have our phone with us all the time.

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However, having a camera does not make us a photographer any more than owning a pair of scissors makes us a hairdresser. Photography is a definite skill, so allocate as much of your budget as you can to a photographer and shop around to find someone suitable.

Why have a photographer

You spend months or even years planning for the Big Day. It’s a huge investment of time and money, then it’s over in a flash and you’re left with memories. A good photographer will make sure that all the details of the day are captured as well as the emotion, which is a real skill.

Years later, can you be sure you’ll still remember the precise colour of your bouquet or the details of your table settings? A photographer will immortalise every element for you so you have all the details once the cake has been eaten and the wedding guest dresses have been packed away.

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A professional photographer will tell the story of the day, including the bridal party getting ready, the journey to the ceremony, the wedding itself, and the reception afterward. The images are something to cherish and help the story of your big day live on to be told to future generations. Reportage photography will capture the detail, like dresses for wedding guests, which you might all enjoy looking back on.

Stylist magazine has some tips for choosing the right wedding photographer for you and your partner.

Value over price

Consider the value of what you are getting for your money. When you are discussing the price with potential photographers, be clear about what that figure covers. Break that down over the years of enjoyment you’ll get from the photography compared, for example, to the cost of a dress you’ll wear once, and a number that might have sounded high at the outset becomes much more reasonable.

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