What Will the Future of Architecture Look Like?

Architecture is a creative field that challenges you to unleash your mind to establish out-of-the-box designs. It also inspires you to experiment with different forms and shapes that can help shape our world. And it’s not just our world that benefits from architecture – we live in buildings, work in buildings, receive health care in buildings and get educated in buildings. So, what does the future hold for this ever-evolving discipline?

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There is no shortage of keynote speakers, professors, Linkedin ‘thought leaders’ and architecture students willing to pontificate on what the future holds for architecture. But there are few who do it in the context of all the professions.

They are right to point out that architecture isn’t about to disappear, but it will need to redefine itself. That means embracing new methods of communication that will require a whole new set of aptitudes, from social media to chat applications. Architects who can’t adapt will be left behind. For forward thinking Residential Architects Kensington, visit www.rbddesign.com/architects-design/residential-architecture-london/architects-kensington

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It also requires rethinking how architects work with clients, and how they are integrated into project teams. Some firms, such as Thomson Reuters, have split the traditional roles of architecture, development, and operational support into smaller agile teams each responsible for a specific reusable component. This positions architects as the connective tissue between these teams and the business functions that they serve.

And finally, it’s important to understand that a large part of the profession’s success will be in ensuring that clients see the value of what they are paying for. That will mean a greater emphasis on showing how architectural decisions directly impact business outcomes.

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