WordPress Stash is a directory with the best free resources for your WordPress blog

WordPress has become one of the most important content management systems on the web. More than 75 million sites use it as a platform of choice and it has undoubtedly become a reference name when you hear the word “blog”.

It is a wonderful example of the distance open source can reach and over time does not stop growing and improving. There are many things you can do with WordPress, and many of these are thanks to the thousands of plugins that you can install on it. WordPress Stash is a directory that is responsible for gathering some of the best so that users have easier access to quality recommendations.

WordPress Stash is a standalone project that was launched just at the beginning of 2017. In it a group of “curators” hand-picked some of the best WordPress plugins found among the more than 47,000 that the platform has till the date.

Your creator was motivated to create something like this mainly because of how difficult it can sometimes be to get the necessary or correct plugin, or one that works and is maintained and does not end up breaking our website. With WordPress Stash has been dedicated to sharing your favorite resources to help discover other users the highest quality.

On the web you will find different collections grouped according to category, be it advertising, analytics, anti spam, personalization, comments, backup, community, etc. There is also a section with highlights, popular and most recent. The page of each plugin has a summary about its functions and the link to the download page. If you want to recommend your favorite plugins, you can also contribute by sending them.

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