The best things to do on the beach

Seaside holidays have been enjoyed by families for centuries. Despite our sometimes dubious climate, there are many wonderful coastal resorts in the UK with lots to do and see. These are the activities that you should include on your next seaside trip:


Many famous and iconic piers are located in seaside resorts all over the country. Several have been lovingly renovated to their former glory, and are packed with family-friendly attractions. There are fairground rides, shows, restaurants, shops, and amusements. Even if it’s not sunny, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Enjoy a stroll along the promenade as the sun sets.

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  1. Take a dip

You’ll enjoy the UK waters, even if they are a bit chilly. It doesn’t matter if you just dip your toe in, or scuba dive. The shallow water is perfect for children to build sandcastles and shell hunt. For the adventurous, many beaches rent surfboards and wetsuits. Paddle Boats are also available for families. Why not consider a Day Skipper Course from

  1. Rock Pools

Both kids and adults enjoy discovering the fascinating creatures that live in the ocean and on the beach. A bucket and net are all you need to enjoy a fun family day at the beach. You may find crabs, shrimp or starfish. Don’t forget to return all the creatures you find to their home.

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  1. Beach Games

A beach’s wide expanse is ideal for playing and getting active. Bring a kite, a ball, a bat, and a frisbee to the beach and involve your entire family. Even your dog can join in on a game.

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