Getting the Most from Your Wedding Band or DJ

When it comes to weddings, most people involved in the planning take entertainment very seriously, and with good reason. With such a momentous day, anyone doing the planning may feel pressure, internal or external, to provide a memorable experience for their loved ones, friends or themselves, and musical entertainment can be a major factor for many.

Wedding Band or DJ

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Music and dancing are inextricably linked with celebrations, to the point where it is often an assumed part of wedding functions, and if you’re personally involved in the planning, you’ve probably already given such concerns serious thought. Here are just a few ways for you to get the most out of your band or DJ,


One of the biggest concerns, sometimes even the first thing people planning weddings consider, is how their chosen DJ or musicians will be able to fit in and perform in the chosen venue. Even a small band will take up more room then a DJ and may have greater power requirements, so make sure the venue you have booked or are looking to book has enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably.


This is one can be a nightmare for anyone involved in the planning. Making decisions regarding the variety and range of music on offer can be difficult not only because it is very subjective, but because most guests will have some set ideas about what to expect.

Although a DJ can span a greater range of genres and songs, you may opt for a Dorset wedding band for the character and energy they provide each song. If you’ve got any requests, it’s always best to ask well in advance so that your DJ or band has plenty of time to acquire a copy or learn it.

No Surprises

Ensuring sure your chosen entertainment provider has time to prepare is essential. This will differ depending on your choice, but typically larger bands such as the Dorset wedding band fatcatsoulband will require more time to adequately prepare, whereas a DJ may only need to sound check.

Making requests is fine, but do let everyone know in advance. Conversely, it’s often beneficial to take a hands-off approach for some aspects. When you hire a DJ for instance, they should have the expertise to be able to read a room and choose the best song for the moment.

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