The Volkswagen Golf R is the new victim of the WLTP cycle: It will reduce its power to 300 HP

On September 1st, all new cars will have to undergo the new cycle of homologation of WLTP emissions, stricter than the current ENDC since it is based on real and not laboratory tests. That is why several brands have been forced to adjust their models to not vary their tax bracket. You SEAT has happened with Leon Cupra and now joins Volkswagen Golf R with.

The sporty compact of the German mark will lower its power from 310 hp to 300 hp such as Autocar says. The British publication states that sources of the German brand have confirmed that “in the context of the new approvals, there are adaptations for the treatment of exhaust gases and for the power output.” From now on, all Golf R models will have a 300 HP engine.”

We are talking about 10 hp less than it had the 2.0 TSI of the Volkswagen Golf R . Ironically, those who had won in their last update released at the end of 2016.

Less emissions, less horsepower

Despite not disclosing the technical details associated with this reduction, we are talking about adjusting to a new emission limit, so it is more likely that Volkswagen, as with SEAT, will have to make the relevant adjustments to the system. Escape from Golf R. This will result in fewer emissions, but will also be accompanied by a loss of power.

As for the Volkswagen Golf R affected by this reduction in delivery, are currently responsible for whose delivery date is set for September or later. Volkswagen has already confirmed to the British media that it will issue a statement informing customers of this change.

Taking into account the current Golf R now completes its commercial life, the German manufacturer has taken advantage to further reduce the range, eliminating the three-door variants, as has also happened with the SEAT León , as well as the option to change manual.

Why the Volkswagen Golf R yes and the SEAT Leon Cupra R no?

SEAT and Volkswagen are two of the brands that have been forced to adjust their models and are the most powerful compact sports that are going to have to go through the hoop. It is striking that, as confirmed by SEAT, neither the Lion Cupra R nor the Lion ST Cupra 4Drive will be affected by this reduction.

In the case of the Cupra R, the engine is the same as that of the Golf R, the TSI of 310 HP, but we are talking about a limited series and not a production model. That is why, in your case, it will adjust its power to continue maintaining a competitive price.

The German brand has decided to take this road despite the fact that the new generation of the Volkswagen Golf will debut in 2019, which means the arrival of a new Golf R, which is rumored to exceed 400 hp and will have a micro-hybridization system mild-hybrid 48V.

A strategy that has not followed for example BMW with the M3, which also faced this problem. A spokesman for the Bavarian brand assured Autocar that there is no point in redesigning a model that is finalizing its production, which is why BMW has chosen to cut back and remove the model from the market. Each teacher his booklet, which says the saying.

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