There comes a golden splendor and for marketing and digital advertising time

Just published the latest Online Advertisers Survey Report, report by Econsutancy and Rubicon Project, which analyzes some of the most significant trends and data digital advertising. If we talked about some other trends for the new season, this new report shows also the direction taken by the digital advertising industry.

We could almost compare this new golden age of digital advertising with 20 of those years splendor or scenarios like novels as successful as “The Great Gatsby”. As in this, they not lacking romances, in this case the brands and consumers and their new roles. And the truth is, that despite the great odds and predictions, marketing and digital advertising have already started to really live their glory days. This is confirmed by all the data.

There comes a golden splendor and for marketing and digital advertising time68% of advertisers bet on Facebook 

In the study, which involved more than 1,000 professionals online advertising, the significant growth of Facebook is shown as an advertising platform, who also recorded the largest increase in hiring by advertisers.68% of respondents allocate more resources to the social network Mark Zuckerberg.

Mobile advertising will play a big role in online marketing strategy

65% of respondents will increase their budget on mobile ads this year.According to the study “AdReaction 2012,” the ads displayed on mobile devices get more relevant than in the desktop computer (17% vs 4%). The number of searches made through mobile and has been equated to the demand registered with the pc. It is expected that by 2014 the use of mobile devices exceeds the computer. Chief Marketer indicates that the mobile is already present marketing plan 60% of the marks.

Display advertising is positioned as a must for advertisers

64% of companies plan to invest more resources in display advertising.However, the network will support Google where fewer advertisers plans to act (52%).

The search results are still very relevant

62% of digital advertising professionals rely on the effectiveness of paid ads in search results. MarketLive recently indicated that PPC results have a conversion rate up to 35% greater than the organic search, in the case of online shops.

The online video advertising continues its development

61% of respondents allocate more resources to video ads. According to eMarketer, this is a format in full swing, which especially grow this year and 2014, with growth of over 42%.

The outlook is very positive for the sector of online advertising. This shows a change in the focus of the advertising strategy of brands. Everything indicates that in the coming months will witness a remarkable development of the sector.

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