Facebook will now send you notifications when someone uploads a photo you’re in, even if you’re not tagged

Facial recognition on Facebook has risen, the social network has announced new optional features that will allow users to find images they leave even when they have not been tagged.

From now on, if you are in a published photo and you are part of the audience of that post, that is, you follow the account that published it or are your friends, Facebook will send you a notification even if they did not tag you.

Facebook says that you have control over the photos you leave, but of course, the only control you have is to decide if you want to continue without being tagged or not, or if you want to contact the person who posted the photo in case have some concern about it.

The notifications will depend on the privacy settings when publishing the photo, if the publisher does it publicly or for his friends and you are among that audience, then you will be notified.

Another new feature that will be added to Facebook related to facial recognition is that the social network will inform you if someone uploads a photo with your face and uses it as a profile image.

Can it be deactivated?

Facial recognition does not yet have a specific privacy setting on Facebook, but they said that soon you can decide with a simple button if you want to prevent Facebook from recognizing you in photos and videos.

For now you can only control who can tag you in photos and if you allow them to suggest to your friends to do it in a photo where you appear.

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