This way you can delete the applications connected to your Facebook account after the last (and insufficient) changes

The storm of problems around Facebook continues . The Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to kick in, the leaked memo from a Facebook vice president talking about the possibility of deaths and terrorist attacks as well, like the #DeleteFacebook campaign .

In the midst of all that Mark Zuckerberg team is gradually introducing some changes in everything that has to do with privacy options: the latter makes it easier (but not much) to eliminate the applications connected to our account such and as they had announced.

The changes introduced make it easier to improve our privacy, although much less than would be desirable

Let’s see how to do it, step by step. Take note!

How to remove Facebook applications

Complete list of applications with which personal information has been shared to log in or use a service.

On these lines we see how it was until recently the page of applications connected to Facebook, the place where the apps or websites to which we have given permissions to access our profile data in the social network meet. To register, use or log in to a service, the most common cases, although there may be more.

We can access the full list of applications with which we have shared personal information by going to the Settings menu , from the drop-down that we found by clicking on the arrow in the upper right. Once inside, we access the Applicationssection .

We can also find it from the mobile application by clicking on the menu (the icon of the three parallel horizontal lines) and filling in Account Settings > Applications > Session started with Facebook .

To remove an application connected to Facebook we must check the box next to it and then press the ‘Delete’ button; we can also eliminate several at a time by selecting more than one box

After the changes introduced to make it easier to use, its appearance is what we can see below. In case it is not clear, the little that has changed in the US company is the way to erase applications . If before we had to go one by one to eliminate, clicking on the crossheads and accepting the message that appears, now we can select several, go to the Delete button and revoke the access to personal information in a stroke. That’s the way to do it, there’s no more. New complete list of applications with which personal information has been shared to log in or use a service and the steps to eliminate them.

A profound change would have been the possibility of selecting all the connected applications at the same time, since some users can accumulate hundreds, to eliminate them with a simple click. Incomprehensibly Facebook only allows you to select them one by one . The only drastic measure we can take in that sense is to go to the section Applications, websites and games in the same section of Applications and disable that configuration, which will nullify the ability to interact with applications, websites and games, both within out of Facebook.

Deactivating the ability to interact with applications, websites and games on Facebook is an easier but also more drastic measure, since it can cause us problems when using these services later

Apart from the deletion, we can also edit the access permissions to the information of these applications by clicking on the pencil icon. We will open a window with the settings regarding the visibility of the application and the public of the publications you can do, as well as the information we provide to that application , date of birth, friend list, clicks on likes or addresses , to give some examples, and actions that the application can carry out, such as publishing in our name. We can change what data and permits we give or take away from you.

Finally, it should be noted that even if we delete a connected application and it can no longer request our information from Facebook, it is possible that it still has data that we have previously shared with it . If we want to stop having them, we should contact them directly and ask them to eliminate them.

Why can it be important to remove applications connected to Facebook?

When we use applications, websites or other third-party services that employ or are integrated into Facebook services, they may receive information about what we post or share . Whether we play a game or use the Comment or ShareFacebook buttons on a website. As explained by the company, “the game developer or the website can get information about your activities in the game or receive a comment or link you share from your website on Facebook.”

Likewise, if we download or use these third-party services, you can access our public profile, viewing our name or user ID, our age range, country and language, list of friends and any additional information we share with them. It can be the birthday date, the academic record, clicks I like , photos uploaded, videos, the hometown, the current city or email , among others.

We must bear in mind that deleting a connected application may suppose that the user account and activity in said service are also deleted

We must also bear in mind, however, that if we remove the access of these applications to our Facebook account we can find difficulties when identifying ourselves in those services or even that our accounts may be deleted after the action. If we want to continue using them, it is best to check before elimination that we can access them using other login methods than connecting to our social network account.

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