Making the Most of Your Ears

Wearing pretty earrings can draw attention to your good features and help you feel more confident, but extremely long or heavy earrings can also damage your earlobes by dragging them down. Injuries can also occur if an earring is caught on clothing or pulled, but fortunately today’s surgical techniques can repair this kind of damage.

Making the Most of Your Ears

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What Your Ears Say About You

Some people believe that you can judge a person’s personality by their ears. People with large ears are sometimes thought to be more intelligent, lively and outgoing than those with smaller ears. Ears with large lobes apparently indicate that the individual is strong-minded and independent. Ears with lobes that are detached from the head show generosity and free spirit, whilst the reverse is true of lobes that are attached all the way down. Long earlobes are said to indicate a healthy and long life and that the person has good judgement. Women with thick earlobes are said to be lucky and attract wealth.

Damage to Earlobes

Today’s heavy accessories can damage earlobes by making the holes from piercing stretch and in some cases even split. Lobes can also be elongated by wearing heavy earrings and can swell and become lumpy. Sometimes they are injured by accidents involving earrings. The earlobes, which are simply skin and fat, are not designed to withstand the weight of heavy earrings. This, combined with the normal ageing process and a reduction in elasticity, can cause them to become stretched and elongated.

Earlobe Repair

Fortunately, earlobes that have been split can be repaired, and those that have become too long can be reduced in size by a fairly simple procedure that can restore the previous appearance of the ears. The repair is carried out under local anaesthetic, so any discomfort will be minimal.

The edges of the tear or the stretched lobe are first “freshened” by the removal of a little skin, and then the repair is carried out. Very fine sutures are then used to repair the earlobe. Following the procedure, the ears are dressed and at reputable clinics such as you will be given detailed instructions regarding the necessary aftercare.


Your earlobes should be kept dry for three or four days following the procedure. Aftercare includes the regular application of saline solution and antibiotic cream that will be prescribed for you.

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