How to decorate with OSB

The OSB (Oriented Strand Board) ) or oriented strand panels have reached home decoration. Perhaps until now they looked more in commercial premises or as a building but a time now come stomping in the interior. These boards are made of a material with the same characteristics as the timber in terms of soundproofing, insulation and resistance and, as you can see below, you can use to dress an entire wall or to introduce small details, and do so at any stay home.

Panel composition

The wood used for making them can be pine, fir, poplar, birch, etc., with a slightly rough finish. Chips are distributed in different layers and bind with a synthetic glue and then pressing. These panels have a very distinctive look that you can serve to decorate every room in your home where you please introduce. It looks good in the Nordic style, for example. However, to my taste it is better not to go and not fill entire walls, and best left wall panels or pieces of finely distributed not to saturate.

How to decorate

Where to place OSB?

At first, when I began to see this type of decor, it reminded me too cork panels; then as I got to know more uses, he goes like more the effect and style but, as I say, as long as a detail without cluttering walls and floors with OSB. You can put it on stairs, as a shelf in the kitchen, furniture, bathroom, on a wall of the living room or bedroom and headboard, great if you contrast it with some colorful textiles.

In the kitchen

The OSB is very cool in the kitchen. It provides a cozy feel and can be combined with the use of other types of wood. You can use it on the furniture themselves and in the table or on an island or on a wall.

OSB walls

As the OSB wall cladding is highly effective and decorative. You can use it for one wall or all of a room, to create modules that separate, small compositions with smaller boards … There are many possibilities.

Some advantages of this material

The OSB has been building originally used as it has excellent mechanical and physical properties and by targeting its chips is well suited for structural applications in support of flooring or roofing tiles and walls. And it is precisely these characteristics has also benefited interior decoration, as long wood fibers arranged perpendicularly on these panels make them very stable and resistant to moisture and stretching the agglomerate.


The finished appearance of these panels is very special and if you’re like me to remind you to Cork where we hung pictures of young, quiet, you have the option of being able to paint. Well you can give the style you like best and combine or contrast with the furniture you have in the room. You must do it with oil-based paint and primer suitable for this material.

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