Canine winter diet: maintaining health

With winter upon us, it’s time for dog owners to start thinking about their pet’s winter diet to ensure they are keeping their animal in excellent health throughout these months of cold and wet. Many dog owners might not be aware that dogs often need alterations to their food during winter because the chilly weather means they burn more calories. On the other hand, some dogs tend to pile on the pounds, so their weight and intake should be monitored.

Canine diet

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Fill up those bowls

Outdoor dogs in particular will require a lot more calories to keep them warm and in good condition during the winter. Rather than giving them one massive meal a day, why not break up their meals into two or three smaller, more manageable portions throughout the day? You can also add some salt-free chicken broth to dry pet food or buy a premium dog food that contains more calories as another simple way to increase your pet’s intake.

Keep heavier dogs on strict rations

Some dogs get out and about less during the winter and might have a tendency to put on an unhealthy amount of weight, particularly breeds such as Labradors. Check the calorie amounts on your dog’s pet food to ensure he is not having too much. If you notice his weight increasing, cut down on treats and start measuring and restricting his portions.

Supplement your pet’s diet

If your dog has any digestive problems or if he is getting old and a little creaky in the joints, supplements are a great way to ensure he stays as healthy as possible.

Keeping your pooch in tip-top condition

Making sure your dog is regularly groomed is another good way to keep him looking and feeling well in winter. If you’re looking for dog grooming in Cheltenham or elsewhere, highly professional and reputable dog grooming companies can be found peppered across the country. For example, dog grooming in Cheltenham by Blossoms Pet Care or other similar businesses can ensure that your dog is left squeaky clean and groomed from ears to tail.

As you can see, there are a variety of simple ways to keep your dog feeling well during winter so both you and your beloved pet can enjoy this season in comfort and good health.

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