I know you are new to the gym because you’re doing all this wrong

Signing up to the gym for the first time in your life is, without a doubt, a wise decision; but the fact is that as important, or more, is to ensure that we have all the information necessary to initiate us in the right way.

Obtaining results without injury and effectively must be our great purpose, and to achieve this knowledge and hard work is indispensable. For a good start on the path of world fitness it is important to know the most common mistakes that beginners: I know you’re new to the gym because you’re doing it all wrong.

I know you are new to the gym because you're doing all this wrong1. I am more than ready: skip the initiation phase

Not starting to train with basic exercises is one of the most widespread mistakes of every beginner. Before launching “a crazy” to by bars and disks, it is important that we work certain basic technical patterns. 

It adapt to the ranges of motion through basic exercises and simple as squats, chest press or military press, will help us greatly to our body adapt to new stimuli and bio-mechanics of movement.

Once we have controlled this initiation phase we will have all the time in the world to get into more complex exercises and free weights.

2. I can do everything !: not following an adapted and progressive routine

When we are new in this world, sometimes by ambition and others because “he who say …” began training as a “neighbor” who has spent five years doing: mistake, and soon we’ll know 

The level of training that should begin to have an optimal requirement but adapted to our fitness beginner. If we do not start in this way, we are only going to incur a disastrous technique and painful muscle injuries as a result of poor administration of loads, and that if we are lucky and do not end up injuring ourselves.

Do not obsess with lift more weight than you should (everyone, even “the most jocks gym”, began like you) and, instead, opt for sure to follow proper technique and a process of force – adaptation reistence will end up leading you gradually your maximum force ranges without making mistakes.

If you close a good trainer can advise you and show you the right path without problems, recalls: “good progression leads to victory”.

3. Bad day …: I train “half-gas”

Another common mistake when we started and we have one of those lazy days is skipping series or repetitions because we just … tomorrow is another day! 
Committing to work must be an unquestionable pillar in every workout.

If you have a more difficult day than usual, it is better to opt for reducing the number of exercises routine before work intensity. Remember that it is better to make an optimal series to the fault than to self-deceive us with four series made “half-gas”.

4. This yes, this not !: skipping muscle groups

One of the traps in which we have all fallen is that of training what interests us and forgetting a little more about the rest. Often the torso look attractive leads us to forget about coaching evenly all muscle groups of the body. 
We know that intense training and chest and arm only is most attractive with a well pegadita shirt, but then if we have a “goose quills”  Do you think really aesthetic? I have serious doubts about it!

Works all muscle groups with equal intensity , including leg and back course, to thereby achieve a strong physique, proportionate and well balanced throughout a whole.

5. Less is more: falling into over training

Impatience and excessive enthusiasm to see quick results can lead to overtraining, i.e. a wrong muscle recovery due largely to overtraining by the beginner.

Forget the belief that “the more time we spend training, more muscle we create”. Precisely muscle gain is generated while resting and muscle recovers, not during the workout itself. Following a pattern of rest will be essential to achieve the results.

6. Do not be anxious: train injured

Be disciplined and work hard is definitely the right path to any goal you set your mind to, both sporting and personal, but not always at any price because if you do, can spoil all the effort made.

Training injured is a crazy thing that far from benefiting you, will end up aggravating the problem even further and even away from your workouts longer than necessary. Rest the time you need until your recovery, without fear of Peder what you’ve already won, and center yourself to resume training in optimal physical condition , so just get moving forward.

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