Skype will have private conversations thanks to Signal encryption

Microsoft has partnered with Signal to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype. The first to enjoy the new feature will be the members of the Skype Insider program.

Like Facebook with WhatsApp, Microsoft will take advantage of Signal’s famous encryption protocol for new Skype private conversations. The difference is that you will not encrypt all the chats by default, but only those conversations that are started specifically as such, such as private Messenger chats.

Private conversations in the new Skype are only possible between two contacts, encryption is not allowed for group chat. They must be started by clicking on the + icon and then choosing a new private conversation .

Your contact must accept the invitation to start the secret chat. The invitations are valid for 7 days, after that time if the contact does not accept, you must send another invitation.

Once a Skype private conversation is started , it will only be available on that particular device from where it was started , if you want to continue on the computer a private conversation that you started on your mobile, you must send another invitation.

Support for encrypted audio notes, but you can not send files

Private chats will have a lock icon (padlock) next to your contact’s name. No preview messages or privacy notifications are displayed. You will not be able to edit messages or send files, only emojis and audio notes .

If you want to try this feature already, you must join the betatesters program of Skype. For now there is no specific date for the arrival of private conversations to the stable version of the messenger.

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