Double glazing has helped me and here’s how

Ok so it might not be the most exciting conversation you’ll ever have but I thought it might be a nice idea to make you aware of the benefits of double glazing. I lived in an old 1940’s built house that only had single glazed windows and I was starting to get eye wateringly high energy bill so I decided that enough was enough and needed to take some action. I got in touch with a company and got myself some new windows. The unfortunate thing is that we have lots of problems down our road with window breakages and the last thing I want now is for a crack or break to happen. I think I will keep a Cheltenham Glazing company phone number at hand just incase or even some links on my computer like so i can get in touch with them when I need to.

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Double glazing works in two ways it keeps heat in and it keeps cold (and heat on hot days) out. It does it by bouncing out the air back into the house. As it traps in that heat the family can get away with all wearing nice jumpers instead of cranking up the thermostat on the central heating. And when the sun come out and the temperature goes up we don’t need the fans on full blast cooling us all down. I’ve already seen a drop in my energy bill and for that I’m very thankful. It was the single glazing that was causing the problem. Apparently, some scientists did a test on where heat actually escapes out of your house and, surprise surprise, the most of it goes out the window, quite literally. Not any more my, double-glazing locks it all in and there are no more draughts either.

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There are other benefits that I didn’t realise. The level of noise coming in has been massively reduced. I don’t have to hear the cars zooming passed my house and the neighbours have been reduced to a dull roar when there out the back going on about something. I’ve also noticed that the wife’s choice of wallpaper is not so faded as it was, it used to be right in the sun. That’s the double glazing again. It stops the dangerous UV rays that can start to effect sofas and curtains and wall paper. That made her almost as happy as the bill reduction. I’m also feeling a lot safer in the house. If you can get through the double glazing and it can take quite a bashing when it breaks it makes a great roar and you and the whole street will know about it.

I’m really very please with my decision to get some double glazing on the old place but don’t just take my word for it have a look for yourself.

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