Flowers to Look for in the Countryside in June

Flowers are a beautiful sight and a professional bouquet from somewhere like this florist Tewkesbury based company // never fails to brighten someone’s day. But in June, the natural world is putting on a floral display of its own and the landscape is bursting to life with all kinds of flowers – here are some that you might see in June…

Oxeye Daisy – Found in meadows, alongside roads and in hedgerows, the ox eye daisies are a sign that summer is here. Seemingly glowing in the evening light, they also have the name moon daisies, and they are a common sight around the UK in the summer months.

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Ragged Robin – Head to the wetlands to see the ragged robin as this is their favourite habitat. However, they can also be found in a damp woodland or meadow during June, as well as in peoples gardens as they are a favourite garden flower too. They suit the name, as their ragged looking pink petals sway in the summer breeze!

Foxgloves – A favourite sight in the British woodlands in June are the elegant and vibrant foxgloves. They carpet the woodland floor with the beautiful bright pink spires reaching up beyond the other plants. Bees love foxgloves and as they climb into the flowers they deposit pollen from other foxgloves, which is how the plants reproduce.

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Cow Parsley – The hedgerows and grass verges in June are a froth of white, as cow parsley starts to bloom. This is a plant that is part of the carrot family, and is very attractive to many creatures, from rabbits to butterflies. Although cow parsley is also edible to humans, it is not advisable that you eat it because it looks very similar to the deadly Hemlock.

Lady’s Bedstraw – An unassuming yellow flowered plant that is mostly found on grasslands, this flowers from June to September and in some places, it carpets a meadow in yellow. When this is dried, the smell of new mown hay makes it a favourite for cutting, and it is named after its uses in mattresses which were used for women to give birth on.

Honeysuckle – One of the plants that are most strongly associated with the summer months is the honeysuckle. As well as being beautiful, it is the smell above all else that makes it stand out, and when walking near the hedgerows on a summer evening you may experience the beautiful scent of honeysuckle.

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