How many belts does a man need?

At least two belts are required for a man: one black leather belt and one medium-brown leather belt.

It will ultimately depend on your daily style. The two belts should not be too formal or too casual so that you can wear them on a variety of occasions.

Belts that are smart casual will help you cover all your bases.

  • Avoid anything too casual like wide straps, large buckles or distressed leather.
  • Avoid anything too formal like a very narrow width or a highly polished leather or buckle.

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It’s perfectly fine to lean slightly more formal. For Mens Black Leather Belts, visit

How about only one belt? If you want to go the bare minimum, then go with a medium-brown belt. It should go with leather and most boots, but it also works well with trainers.

The No-Hassle Belt for Men that Goes with Everything

If you are tired of traditional belts which never fit properly, then get yourself bespoke belts that will be custom-fitted to your exact measurements.

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What colour belts should a man have?

Men should own at least two leather belts: one dark brown and one black. The most versatile belts are these two colours but depends on the colour of shoes that you wear most often.

You should wear a black belt if you mostly wear black shoes or boots.

Are your shoes and boots mostly brown leather? If so, then a brown belt is the best choice. Medium brown leather is a good choice because it matches a lot of shoes. If you have shoes in a lighter or darker brown shade, then your medium brown leather belt will be sufficient.

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