Giving Your Site a Gok Wan Style Makeover

To some people, clothes are nothing more than something you wear to stay warm. To those of us with a stronger sense of style, however, there are functional items of clothing and then there are fashionable outfits. Functional clothing is the stuff you wear when you are working in the garden, or going on a long hike. An outfit is something you wear when you want to feel confident and look your best for a job interview, date, or on a big day out.

Giving Your Site a Gok Wan Style Makeover

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Everyone has a designer that is a firm favourite of theirs. That designer reflects your personality and your interests, as well as the image that you want to put forward – smart, youthful, feminine, affluent, sexual or serious. Every designer is different, just like everybody is different.

Vivienne Westwood believes that we live in an era where everyone looks “the same”, and that clothes today are ugly compared to how they were a few decades. The same could be said for websites. Just as you can buy clothes off the rack, you can buy turnkey websites that come with premium (but not exclusive) themes. Why would you want to have a website that looks the same as your competitors, when you can wear Gok Wan while everyone else is wearing Gap?

Show Your Sense of Style

Buying clothes from department stores is fine for day-to-day wear, but designers such as Leicester-born Gok Wan serve a different purpose, giving fashion lovers the confidence they need to take on any situation, regardless of their age, size or build. This is something that makes Gok Wan a rather controversial in the fashion world.

Just as Gok Wan helps women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident and look great,  who offer web design in Dorset can help even the most serious and mundane of companies look fashionable and interesting on the web. There are a lot of South coast web companies especially in the Bournemouth area but only a few are masters in their field, why not visit a company that can help you to build your brand identity, so why not start working on re-assessing your brand today?

Style for Life

Everything you buy can make a statement – not just your clothes, but your gadgets, your luggage, and the items you decorate your home with too. Do you take a plain water bottle to the gym or drink out of a branded sports bottle? Do you use blinds or curtains? Do you use Apple or Blackberry devices? Each of these is not just a practical choice, but a lifestyle and fashion choice too.

Vivienne Westwood feels that we as a culture are becoming too conformist, and that cheap clothing lines and mass production have made the world a boring place, where everyone looks bland and dull. People shop for clothes (and furniture too, thanks to stores like Ikea) based purely on the price and the wide availability. It’s time to break the mould and pick more eye-catching designs, showing off your unique taste and personality.

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