It’s hard being a Unicorn

Everyone told me being a Unicorn would be easy. That I could spend my days flying around making all the ‘normal’ horses feel inadequate. But it’s not all sweetness and light you know. I spend a lot of time and pony pounds on make sure my horn is nice and shiny and my mane and tail are beautifully coloured and sometimes I really wish someone could do it all for me.

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I got bored of trotting around the field trying to amuse myself and so back in the Summer I decided to set up my own business – ‘Unicornicopi’. It took me ages to come up with that name. I did what all new business owners do and set about designing my logo and of course I had to have a picture of me somewhere on all the artwork. No-one ever said unicorns were modest!

Anyway, I designed my logo and had some amazing photographs taken by a fairy I know. Amazing photographer although she does flutter around the place a bit too much for my liking and crikey can she talk! The images were perfect, and I set about designing and ordering my business cards and leaflets ready for my launch day.

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I then sat down with all my lovely images and started to plan out my website. Meticulously planning out how pretty I wanted it to look, Oh, and adding some bits of text here and there.

I decided to do a bit of research into website designers. I tell you it’s a bit of a mine-field out there when it comes to websites and it doesn’t help that the keys on the keyboard are too small for my hooves! So, I went on a long Google search and I found a great article on how to choose a great web designer on which really helped me focus on what I needed to look out for in a designer.

So, I found my web designer, had my logo and images sorted and now all I had to do was convince the other unicorns that I was a serious business pony. It turned out to be easier than I thought. It seems everyone loved my mane and tail design company. Even the fairies seemed to be doing well at their job, which surprised me more than anyone. You see I had to employ someone with apposable thumbs to actual carry out the design work, hooves are not very adaptable to intricate work, but I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t be able to concentrate long enough to get the work done. But they did and had amazing results and no-one even seemed to mind the fairies incessant fluttering and chattering.

If like me, you are looking for a web designer, take a look at Web Design Kent agency EQ Media and get your website and marketing soaring as high as I do. Beautifully of course!

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