Say “I Do” to the Perfect Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Over 2,077,000 marriages occur in the U.S. on an annual basis. That equates to almost 5,700 marriages per day. The perfect wedding can be a lifelong dream and a temporary headache for both the bride and groom, not to mention their parents or other investors in the big day. Approximately $72 billion is spent on weddings in America. The average wedding budget is around $20,000 and a typical couple invites just under 200 guests to the blessed event. Cosmetic dentistry can be an easy and affordable solution for the picture-perfect smile. But what procedures are the best for your wedding smile makeover?

Professional Teeth Whitening

The majority of Americans who lack the confidence to smile do so because they don’t realize how easy it is to correct that. Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures for an instant confidence boost. It’s also one of the most popular pre-wedding beauty treatments. Professional services differ greatly from over-the-counter kits, and the shade variations can be substantial. Professional teeth whitening is a custom solution that can take anywhere from an hour to two weeks. So, plan accordingly and leave yourself enough time to ensure you sparkle on your big day.

Porcelain Veneers

Those looking for a more permanent solution that doesn’t six months or several years to achieve should consider veneers. This Hollywood secret for red carpet smiles involves wafer-thin porcelain shells that are affixed directly to existing teeth. The porcelain veneers are custom shaped, dyed, and fitted to each patient. Natural teeth have different shades and levels of translucency, so it’s important to seek the attention and advice of a competent cosmetic dentist for this procedure. Otherwise, you may end up with Chiclet teeth with monochromatic hues and years’ worth of regret over bad wedding photos. Veneers can take a few months to finish from beginning to end, but the results can be breathtaking.

Braces or Invisalign

Braces are common for adolescents, but more and more adults are opting for the metal corrective appliance as well. In fact, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, 1.5 million orthodontic patients in North America are adults. There are different types to choose from, but stainless-steel braces are the most common option. Braces are especially good solutions for serious issues like over or under crowding, gaps, malocclusion, bite issues and jaw disposition. Adult braces do require an average of 17 months, so plan accordingly.

Those who prefer to avoid metal can get similar results with Invisalign clear aligners. These appliances fit directly over the teeth and are unnoticeable unless someone is looking right in your mouth or you spill the beans. The aligners can be removed for eating, drinking anything other than water, and cleaning. But otherwise, they need to remain in the mouth to be effective. And in most cases, the correction time is similar or even less than traditional braces. You can even wear them to your own wedding. But whether choosing simple teeth whitening or something more permanent, always consult with your cosmetic dentist to help determine which solution is best for your needs.

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