Top reasons for booking a spring wedding

What’s not to love about spring? After a long winter, the sun begins to shine again, and the flowers begin to bloom. Fields and forests change with bright colours and new fragrances. This is the perfect season to celebrate a wedding, and here’s why:

Stunning colours to choose from

Spring offers the perfect opportunity to really dabble with colours. From dusty roses to baby blues, creams and golds or mints and yellow shades. Lighter spring colours offer a bright, feminine touch and feelings echoed in the spring of hope and regeneration.

Casual dining

When the sun is shining and the temperature creeps up, if you do not want a formal sit-down meal, you do not need to. Spring offers the first opportunity in the year to get outside with some al fresco dining, whether it’s a barbecue, food truck or tent buffet.

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Get your desired supplier

Suppliers are less busy in the spring than in the summer. A spring wedding should mean it’s easier to secure your favourite supplier. Where there is greater availability, there are also more potential discounts to be found as well!

Venues are blooming lovely

While winter can be bare and summer dry, spring means the garden and the countryside are in full bloom and looking their very best for your wedding photographs. There will be a lot of bright colours all over the place, adding to the ambiance and romance of your big day. For Wedding Venues Newbury, visit a site like

Various bouquets to choose from

Being a spring bride means you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding flowers. Whatever your colour scheme, you will have the pick of the bunch as the spring is the best time for a variety of fresh blooms.

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New start

Spring is a season synonymous with new beginnings and rebirth. What could be more perfect to start a new life together as a married couple?

Pleasant temperatures

The ideal wedding day is one that is not wet, too cold or boiling hot. Best optimum comfort level is typically experienced during the months of spring. The weather in the UK can be stunning in the spring, mild but not sweltering and without the risk of a summer rainstorm spoil the fun.

Get your desired wedding date

Finding a free weekend during the summer can be a nightmare and many couples reserve their date several years in advance! Spring offers a much better chance of finding a weekend date available as many places also offer discounts on some spring wedding dates.

Outdoor wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, then spring offers the perfect opportunity. Imagine how amazing a drinks reception outside will be or the opportunity for people to eat while the kids run around outside in the sun.





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