The need to have your boiler serviced annually

When it comes your boiler you probably don’t give it much thought until the cold weather starts to creep in and you switch it on to warm your house up. Now whilst most boilers will just happily sit in the corner of the room and slowly hum away to itself it is important to ensure that you are having it regularly checked to ensure that it is working effectively and efficiently. If your boiler starts making strange noises or you find that you are experiencing other issues with it, it is important that you contact a Boiler repair Cheltenham company like immediately, rather than waiting for your annual service.

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Not only does a service ensure that your boiler is working to the best of its capacity but also ensures that it is safe and

considering there were around 250 hospital admissions a year for the ten year period between 2001 and 2010 as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning it can present a real problem.

Here are some of the main reasons as to why you should book your annual boiler service.

  • Can pick up on any leaks and issues before they become major problems
  • Checks for potentially harmful carbon monoxide levels
  • Could reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Improves the efficiency of your boiler
  • Can prevent costly repair boilers in the future
  • A legal requirement if you are a landlord renting out your property

It is important to ensure that you have your annual boiler service carried and any repairs carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The engineer will check that you boiler is functioning correctly and that all of hte controls are working fully. They will then check for any leaks and corrosion that may have appeared since the previous service as well as testing the flue areas to make sure that there are not high levels of harmful fumes being emitted. Depending on the complexity of your system and whether you have it regularly serviced your annual service should only take around half an hour for the engineer to complete. They will then issue you with a checklist of the information that they have found and you should keep this for your information until your next service.

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You should also check the fine print of any boiler warranties, new build warranties and insurance cover to ensure that you are fulfilling the obligations in these relating to your boiler.

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