The world of the nightclub

Nightclubs can sometime feel like a whole different world. Once you step through the doors into the dimly light room with music playing at decibels you can only imagine and then there is the dance floor that seems to call you over the minute you enter. Many people work hard during the week so that they can enjoy the delights of some of the country’s nightclubs at the weekend. With bar staff who can pour a drink quicker than anywhere else in the world and toilets that are stocked by Simple Hygiene Solutions Washroom supplier Gloucestershire and beckon you to stand around chatting about the cute boy or girl you have just stood next to at the bar, it is a world filled with intrigue and possibilities.

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There are some interesting facts relating to the world of nightclubs and alcohol in particular that you may not be aware of.

For example.

Did you know that vodka is by far the most popular drink in the world? Millions of shots are consumed each year and it is included as a main ingredient in many of the most popular cocktails on the market.

Nightclubs have also been noted as the number one destination to meet potential partners, whether this is for the short term or long term. Whether this is because of the atmosphere in the nightclub or to do with the fact that a small amount of alcohol can loosen your inhibitions enough that you may be able to pluck up the courage to speak to someone who you wouldn’t normal approach.

Abraham Lincoln is a well-known president of the United States but before he embarked on a life in official office he worked as a shopkeeper and bartender. This is where he was given the nickname “Honest Abe” as he was always fair in business and presumably never tried to sneak a drink from the bar without anyone noticing.

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Toasting an event or celebration occurs quite often in today’s society but in the past the clinking of glasses together was more about protecting yourself than as a mark of celebration. Back in Medieval Europe it was common to find yourself enjoying a drink with someone who was plotting against you and the most common plot was that of poison placed in your drink. By bumping your glasses together, you can result in some of the liquid in your glass entering their own giving you chance to see whether they drink from their cup or not, which would allow you to see whether your drink had been poisoned.

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